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Manufacturing Cost Control

Factory management ability
Yaxing Melamine invested millions of yuan into product quality control for developing software and hardware system and managing the production and quality control processes of melamine tableware. Our company has established a strict control system from five aspects:

Raw material control
We have strict screening criteria for raw material suppliers to select the best suppliers. They are required to provide raw material inspection report. We also conduct incoming inspection for every batch of raw materials.

Manufacturing control
During the processes of molding and decal sticking, computer is used to set procedural standards for controlling mold temperature, formaldehyde discharging and forming time.

Quality inspection control
This includes incoming material inspection, molding inspection, grinding inspection, finished products inspection and outgoing inspection.

Laboratory control
Our company requires that the standard data tested and judged by the laboratory must be one half as low as that of the EU to be qualified, ensuring product quality. The EU limits for formaldehyde and melamine are 15MG/KG and 2.5MG/KG respectively, and ours are 7.5MG/KG and 1.5MG/KG respectively.

Pest and sanitary environment control
Our manufacturing shop is installed with mosquito killing lamp, fly net and rat cage. The workers must wear work clothes, uniform hat and safety mask before entering production.

Cost management control

  • All the running machines are real-time monitored to compare and find out the unreasonable items for improvement, thus reducing cost.
  • CRM system is adopted to manage every process, which improves working efficiency.

Manpower management control
our company introduces multiple automatic equipment, such as automatic grinder, automatic sealing machine and automatic sand blasting machine. This not only reduces labor cost, but improves production efficiency.

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