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The big idea started in a small, family-owned factory in China in 1986: Connect the world’s table to the limitless possibilities of melamine and plastic. Its vibrancy, color, longevity, fun, and functionality. And over the course of the next 30 years, we honed our manufacturing expertise to become a leading factory direct supplier of affordable, beautiful housewares across the globe. All emanating from the very same village of Quanzhou. Owned and run with affection and commitment by the very same, very hard-working family.
In 2003, our original idea grew bigger. To this legacy of master fabrication we added a new in-house design and merchandising team. This innovative group of passionate artists understood the material and the endlessly brilliant, whimsical, traditional, and trend-setting ways to bring it to life. Yaxing became not only a supplier, but a supplier of imagination, insight and market awareness.
In combination, these dual strengths — design talent and long-time expertise — created something dynamic. It infused us with a new blueprint, one that expanded the potential for our imagination and industry. Everyday, we happily rethink home essentials. We take them to innovative new places, while still making them feel familiar and forever.

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