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Melamine Info

Melamine is also called ceramic imitation, melamine resin, plastic ceramic, melamine-formaldehyde resin, etc. It is made of melamine powder, that is a melamine molding compound (abbreviated for MMC), which is a hot-processed powder material with melamine as its main component.

The production process for melamine ware are divided into the following 5 steps



Weigh the material as required by production, then evenly preheat the powder material into a cake.



Pour the caked raw material into the mold. After high temperature and high pressure, it is consolidated into molded articles with plain surface.



Cut the pretreated decals according to the ware model. Then attach them on the molded articles. Finally, the decal perfectly match with the molded article after high temperature and pressure.


Surface glazing

After decal sticking, add glazing power proportionally and evenly on the product surface to form a transparent protective shell after hot-setting. This gives the product a ceramic style gloss and texture.



The produced products also need grinding and polishing to appear more attractive and have more smooth edging.

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History of Melamine

Since 1938,the birth of melamine,with more than 70 years of history,has always been one of the favorite material, used in the world,its safety has get affirmative by world health organizations(WHO).

Melamine tableware looks like ceramics,unbreakable,beautiful and easy to clean,widely used in the family,schools, Melamine tableware looks like ceramics,unbreakable,beautiful and easy to clean,widely used in the family,schools.


Melamine life & Precautions

Melamine has its life expectancy,even good quality products,after loog-term used the material will become aging.General, use of spoons,forks,cleaning with dish soap and bleach cleaners,and storage the tableware there may be cause scratches,missing angle and cracks.

How many times does the melamine tableware should be used?For how many years?
IIt should be used around 1000 times.It can be used around 180~200 times yearly for around 5~6 years as school cafeteria tableware.(Under the dishwasher and storage box),according to the annual rate of damage regularly replacement is required.The use of the number of years has to consider the damage of transport conditions and stacking conditions.

Cleaning with neutral detergent,avoid acidic or alkaline detergent erosion plastic.Avoid using UV disinfection.Avoid using products once found out the material has cracks or color anomalies.



A.Do not microwave,direct cooking and steaming.
B.Avoid contain hot food and acidic food.
C.Melamine spoon,chopsticks,ladle cannot boiling in the hot soup.
D.Do not use any abrasive materials such as scrapers or metal-based brushes.
E.Stop using melamine tableware once found out the material has cracks and scratches,should make replacement.
F.Melamine tableware will become aging after long-term used,should replace regularly.
G.Avoid purchasing irritating smell of melamine tableware and formaldehyde residual inferior product.


Cleaning instructions

A.Always clean with sponge and microfiber cloth,do not use any abrasive materials such as scrapers or metal-based brushes.
B.Do not use chlorine bleach.
C.May damage the surface if soaking at high temperature for long time,only can be soaking in warm water for about 15~20 minutes.
D.Boiled disinfection only for 1-2 minutes,avoid long time boiling.

Yaxing Melamine adopts high standard melamine to manufacture various tableware that is tasteless, non-toxic, anti-deformation under 120℃ high temperature and -20℃ low temperature, good surface hardness, wear resistant and pollution-free. In addition, compared with ceramic ware, it has low cost, being the preferred tableware for households, various hotels, restaurants, enterprises and institutions.

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