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Raw Material and first QC - Raw material warehouse

Our raw material warehouse has a regular inventory of about 500tons. Only after passing the laboratory inspection can the raw material enter the warehouse. Then it is stacked according to its material number and batch. This ensures traceability and follows the first-in-first-out principle.

Decal preparation and QC

The decal department is responsible for handling decals that will be applied to decorate the products.

Melamine Production and QC

This production and forming department has 2 production workshops and 60 sets of forming machines. Adopting automatic operation, this department ensures large output with high quality.

Grind and Polish and QC - Grind and Polish Department

Yaxing Melamine introduced a batch of automatic grinder and sandblasting machine to achieve automatic grinding and sandblasting.

R&D Department

Our company has a professional R&D department, and the factory is equipped with 2 high standard CNC machining centers, 1 3D printers, 1 automatic LOGO carving machines, 2 CNC engraving and milling machines, four 3D modeling and drawing machines. This department employees a group of high quality engineering developer to design customers satisfied models according to their thinking.

Test lab and inspection - Laboratory

Yaxing Melamine owns independent labs. The lab is outfitted with many pieces of equipment for experiments like melamine migration test, formaldehyde migration test, etc.

Packaging and QC - Packaging department

Our company has five packaging lines and several small boutique packaging lines to operate flexibly based on customers' different packaging needs. For saving labor cost, we have installed the automatic packaging machine.

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