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Design Capability

Yaxing melamine factory boasts comprehensive melamine tableware design capabilities to provide customers with model design and decal pattern design. In a word, we can convert any customer idea into outstanding melamine products.

Yaxing Melamine Factory

Yaxing Melamine Factory CNC

Tableware mold design and development
Yaxing Melamine Factory has independently developed tens of thousands of tableware molds. Our company is equipped with six high standard CNC centers, 2 3D printer, two automatic LOGO engraving machine, 2 CNC engraving and milling machine and 4 3D modeling, photographing and drawing machine. This ensures that we can complete the model design following customer requirements in the shortest time. Besides, we employ a group of high quality design and development staff to design the tableware model satisfying customers according to their thinking. At present, we can supply customers with thousands of self-designed styles to choose from.

Pattern design and development
In order to manufacture beautiful melamine tableware, our company specially established a decal development team integrating design, drawing and printing. All of the employees have over ten years of experience. They can not only design all kinds of pattern complying with the market trends, but provide designs based on customer demands. Now we have thousands of independently-designed patterns for customer to choose from.

Research and development of manufacturing
On the production innovation side, we have continuously obtained America, Europe and Taiwan duel-side patterns patent certificates, duel-color patent and other multiple patent certificates. Besides, we have continuously developed melamine wares of full plate decal, wood pattern process, stone pattern process, ceramic textured process, BBF/EPA eco-friendly process and BMC microwave safe technology.

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